(MatLab) m-files take an input of coordinates, and generates a cubic spline interpolation

Please see the report PDF to see the program generate a cubic-spline interpolation piecewise function on an airfoil

Part 1 m.file generates a matrice for each 4 constants of the piece wise functions.

Part 1 does the calculations for top and bottom half of the the airfoil -Y Axis splits the airfoil in half

Part 2 m.file takes those constants, and computes the area using trapezoidal rule to an error of 10^-8.

Santa Clara University AMTH 118 - Numerical Methods Project 3

Created in collaboration with:

Daniel Call - SCU B.S. Engineering Physics

Ruben Contreras - SCU B.S. Mechanical Engineering

with guidance from

Aaron Melman - Professor, SCU Department of Applied Math

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