The relations between most of the content we consume on a daily basic is highly unstructured: we follow trails of links, open tens of tabs to Google related topics, and try to understand a topic in all sorts of convoluted ways. Simply put, we think in terms of relationships, context, and stories -- not a PageRank graph.

Cubic is a Chrome extension that adds that extra dimension of semantic context to your web browsing experience. Users can browse a timeline of how the story developed, stretching all the way back to the origin event. Additionally, a more curious user can delve deeper into the topic and visit a primary source or more specialized article. A more novice user can move up into more broad summaries or laymen explanations.

Behind the scenes, Cubic communicates with a server running a Flask application that scrapes webpages, extracts keywords, and uses a combination of textual features to find related articles. These related articles are then sorted by complexity and a less complex and more complex article are shown to the user to allow them to explore a subject in more or less depth. It constructs a timeline by retrieving all temporal references in the corpus and clustering mentions that refer to the same event, so the user gets a clean, understandable summary of how the story played out.

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