we like rhythm games, so we decided we might try to make one of our own.

What it does

The game's main component is a line traveling up and down the screen. Small circles, or "notes" appear on the screen according to the tempo and beat of music being played in the background, and the objective of the game is to click a key when the line crosses the notes. Different types of notes have different keys assigned to them.

How we built it

Originally, we tried to work on it in unity, but progress was too slow, and we ran into too many barriers, so we switched to GameMaker Studio 1.4, and completed the game there.

Challenges we ran into

Many, Many things. The learning curve that Unity presented proved to be to steep to overcome in 24 hours, and the game fell apart in Unity. Also, we had issues creating original songs for the game. We finished a song, but we did not have enough time to create a layout for game play of that song.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works. It just works.

What we learned

Although we did not complete the project in Unity, we learned a lot about how Unity works, C#, and other things.

What's next for Cube2

We plan to continue developing Cube2 in the future, and actually try to complete it in Unity. We hope that we would be able to make it good enough to publish it on both android and ios.

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