We always wanted to design and implement a game like Cube Slide. We are all new to game development, but we really wanted to take on the challenge and learn more about it. Now everyone can enjoy this amazing game at our site -

What it does

An endless runner game with a cool twist. You have to collect snowflakes to stay frozen while also dodging obstacles. If you fail to do so, your ice cube will melt and you will have to start over!

How we built it

This was built using PlayCanvas, which is an in-browser game design software. It consists of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Free open-source assets were used.

Challenges we ran into

We initially had issues with controlling entity spawning and collision events. Another thing that was new for us was incorporating sound effects into a game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't have as much experience in JavaScript previously, especially in game development, but we were able to quickly learn about the classes and methods that we needed to use.

What we learned

Our group learned a lot about game design and the different aspects of it. We learned to incorporate assets, movement, audio, and the generation/garbage collection of game objects.

What's next for Cube Slide

In the future, we plan on implementing additional features, such as new obstacles, rotating snowflakes, and leaderboards. We also plan on having different types of platforms on the ground, which would either increase or decrease your speed depending on the platform.

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