Was inspired by the game cube runner, cube field runner allows you to move up and down too! You can thwart cubes from all directions!

What it does

Its a game, you play it. You can use the arrow keys or a game controller to move up, down, left and right!

How I built it

With javacript, html5, and the ever so fabulous three.js library. Was built entirely at Uncommon Hacks 2016! (shoutout)

Challenges I ran into

Game controllers are surprisingly hard to use in javascript. Also things get lost in space, and the skybox gave me a lot of trouble but now its gucci.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The uncommon mode. Checkout it out. It's ~lit~

What I learned

Javascript, Three.js!

What's next for Cube Field Runner

I'll continue to update it, I need to add some more levels so its harder. Also might add soylent power-ups in the spirit of Uncommon Hacks.

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