The struggles and stress that students and teachers faced during the COVID-19 pandemic inspired us to find a way to make E-learning easier for young students.

Our product, Cubby, is a simple, yet engaging website, designed to enhance the learning experience of children through elementary school. On the website, a student has individual "cubbies" on his or her account. The student's teacher can place learning resources in these cubbies. Several additional features like learning games and data-generated lesson plans for teachers will be included on the premium subscription.

Through the process, the Pro Team focused on creating a design that was easy to navigate and neatly organized. Utilizing Adobe XD, they created a wireframe that achieved this vision.

One of the main challenges we faced during this project was designing our business model. While we want Cubby to make revenue, we also want our product to be affordable for students. We decided to make Cubby accounts free, and we added a premium subscription option. While the paid subscription will add many great features to enhance learning, we designed the base subscription to still be an effective learning tool.

The next steps for Cubby will include building the website and and running user trials. We plan on continuing to develop this product so we can soon be helping young learners grow.

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