A simple solution to a great problem - just a tweet away <3

Creating a playlist for a party or an event can be hard! Sick of having people complain about the tracks on your playlist? Let the people do the selecting! No need to download an app, all you need is a Twitter account, a Spotify account, and great test in music :)

What it does

Here's the low down:

Creating a music playlist couldn't be more simple!

Start by creating a fresh playlist on Spotify by tweeting #cupartyplay follow by "create playlist" with the name you want to call your playlist

#cupartyplay create playlist < playlistname >

Get your guests to add songs by tweeting

_#cupartyplay #playlistname + < the song name > - < artist name > _

Get guests to upvote songs - more votes moves the song up the queue! Majority rules! <3

It's that simple!

With Spotify's huge music library guests have an endless choice of dope tracks!

How I built it

Built with coffee & love <3

What I learned

Leveraging the Twitter API & Spotify API - never used either before! And being realistic about what can be built in 24 hours... with trips to the planetarium, card games, and hikes in the mountains!

What's next for CU Party Play

Enable folks to downvote! Enable DM when more than one result is returned for a track. Also allowing to search by album, and much more!

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