Our app was inspired by the daily bumps that each one of us has to overcome.

What it does

The app silently connects to nearby beacons via a Bluetooth low energy connection and receives specific hyper contextual content that can be adjusted to serve any kind of need, from a local business trying to advertise themselves or their products, to a hospital that traces all their beds to help doctors find their patients as fast as possible and provide them an updated patient information sheet.

How I built it

The app was built concomitant for both Android and iOS devices by out talented backend developers using two different coding softwares (Android Studio and Xcode).

Challenges I ran into

Given that we had little to no experience in App Development, challenges were waiting for us on each corner.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Every step that took us closer to getting a more complete app with more and more features to offer to our clients.

What I learned

Motivation can drive you to do things you thought you would not be able to do.

What's next for CTZN

We will try to provide our future clients with more and more features along the way that will hopefully get to help them whenever they need it the most.

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