Inspiration Cntrl-f on soft copies of the books makes it easier to surf through. But, how about finding some data from physical copy of the book lets say your academic reference book. Always wanted to address this issue.

What it does Allows user to scan barcode of the book that you have and then based on the ISBN number it extracts info of the book using Google Books API. Also, user can search for some data from the book from the app, he'll getpage number information in return.

How we built it We have made use of Google Books API for book data extraction and ZXING open-source API for barcode scanning.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of RIght from brainstorming on couple of ideas, then shortlisting on this ambitious idea and try to pull it off in 36 hours :)

What we learned There are open-source APIs that we can make use of for some specialized work. At the same time, they also need some fixes in some areas. Try to contribute it to open-source world.

What's next for Ctrl-f Books If the book is available free on Google-Books, providing an option to read it from the app. Trying to reach out on those books which are still not there on Google-books but which are available on different medias.

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