Sustainable awareness is generally low because of apathetic attitudes towards the environment. We as a team wanted to engage the user in such a way that they would be rewarded for their achievements.

How it works

The objective of the app is to grow as many virtual trees as possible. In order to grow a virtual tree a user will have to complete environmental actions (such as: riding your bike to work) that reduce the overall carbon emissions. Once a virtual tree has been fully grown, it is our hope to partner with a non-profit/charity/corporation that would donate and plant a real tree somewhere in the world.

Challenges I ran into

Researching data and collecting various tasks that a user could do in order to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team was split into two departments: design, and development. As a designer it was difficult to wireframe, mockup, and refine a user-flow/User-interface that the engineers on our team could understand. It was a tough sprint, but in the end I was able to design the app and user-experience for our engineers to develop.

What I learned

The more detail you launch with, the less stress you can land with.

What's next for ctree

Contacting companies, non-profits, charities who would like to take this mobile app to the next step by donating trees to plant once a user completes a tree.

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