cThru was created to replace the document camera system currently used in our educational and professional environments. The document camera, while proven to be a milestone in displacing the gap in visual-learning, is underutilized due to cost, lack of familiarity, and inefficiencies when switching between modes (live camera and screen-share). This problem is commonly observed in presentations that need live-demos and onscreen reports. We look to eliminate the third-party device while improving visual-learning with better user-experience and additional features. In addition to what document camera pitches, we offer:

  • Duplicate recordings for sharing
  • Live-stream recordings
  • One-click mode switch

What it does:

cThru is a tool to increase content clarity and to allow for live-demos and real-time learning. This program, when connected to a monitor/projector, will access and share the video-camera feed. When prompted, the program will record the feed and save file when the program ends. With one click of the button, the user is able to switch between the live-feed camera and the desktop-sharing. This fluid switch will avoid loss of attention.

What We've Done:

cThru is composed of two primary components: the use of the openCV and the Arduino. The openCV is used to access the camera of the laptop and stream live feed and/or record the feed at the same time. The Arduino uses an analog input to use on a mount to activate the openCV to access the laptop’s camera’s feed. Although we were not able to combine both platforms due to time limitations, the program works with a few clicks instead of full automation.


While we were able to complete our design, we were unable to implement all the features we have planned for this project due to a gap in our knowledge about the merging of platforms. During the course of 36 hours, we coded in C#, C++, and Arduino. We had difficulty combining the platforms to allow the usage of the built-in camera of the laptop and the Arduino with our sensors.

What's Next:

With basic features in place, we believe that cThru is a differentiated product. We will continue executing our envision to ease user experience and make visual-education more affordable for both school administrator and students.

We look forward to developing these features:

  • Hands-free switching of screen and camera using sensors on the platform.
  • Capturing and rendering images.
  • Automatic publishing of the lecture to create a virtual classroom.

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