Every CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Bus Mapping App is the same. Cumbersome, usually no mapping functionality, and just lousey user experience. We set out to build an app that's a breeze to use by helping you find the bus that matters to you, with no clicks!

What it does

It maps the real time locations (updated once per minute) of all cta buses that are within 1 mile of you location.

Meteor Packages

mobile-experience, mongo, blaze-html-templates, session, jquery, tracker, standard, minifiers, es5-shim, ecmascript, insecure, pauloborges:mapbox@2.1.5, http, fortawesome:fontawesome, peerlibrary:xml2js, mdg:geolocation, sacha:spin, percolate:synced-cron, check

What's next for cta bus mapper

We plan on displaying route numbers over the bus markers and optimizing our filtering algorithm so that you only see the buses that really matter to you.

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