With CSY: FindColor, find any paint color that your inspiration comes up with. Together with the Node Chroma color sensor it shows the color code you need. It's very fast and accurate. Say, you want the color a bit lighter, a bit more yellow... Then CSY:FindColor tells you where to find it in the fan deck. It also shows how the paint color you selected would look like on a real object.

If you only have a fan deck, it is easy to make errors. You may select a wrong color code, if the exact color you’re looking for seems to be absent from the fandeck. This happens often in all major fan decks. Using CSY: FindColor helps you to avoid such errors. It tells you that a slightly different color resides at another part of your fandeck. This saves you time and money on wrong paint colors. Thus, the app complements popular fandecks like Pantone or RAL, which do not have such options. Of course, don't throw away your fandeck, because app colors vary with display specifications. But let CSY: FindColor help you to find your inspiration color, spot on! Evem if you don’t have a color sensor, CSY:FindColor is so fast in querying those color databases!

So if you need to repaint your wall, or if you're a professional artist or designer: FindColor finds the paint color code matching your inspiration.

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