About SerINDIEpitie

SerINDIEpitie (pronounced like serendipity) is a blog platform where game developers and streamers can document or express their thoughts on a game. As the name suggests, SerINDIEpitie's focus is with indie games. This blog platform aims to give exposure to many indie titles and indie devs.

Why Twitch?

Twitch loves to play indie games and indie developers love to make games for twitch players. Let's make a platform for all our rising stars to feature and be featured playing rising games. Let's drive a community for those who just love video games. SerINDIEpitie aims to promote both those who love indie games and indie games themselves. Let’s connect and discuss improvements, the quirks, and character of hidden gems. It’s your chance as a developer to connect and be promoted by Twitch streamers. Who knows? The next game you’ll find might be a bit of SerINDIEpitie.

Twitch API User Authentication

You can login to the blog system by authenticating via OAuth. Once logged in, the application will pull information from your Twitch account. It's as easy as that.

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