I got the inspiration to create this project after getting interested in blockchain development. I thought about ways blockchain can be used to make a positive difference in the world. As a student, the idea of creating a cryptocurrency for students to use came naturally to me!

What it does

CSUCoin is a cryptocurrency that allows students to purchase their favorite goods (food, books, etc) on campus. Students are also rewarded CSUCoins for performing well academically, which adds more incentive to do well in school. Moreover, students can receive cash back by using CSUCoins, adding further incentive to adopt the cryptocurrency.

How we built it

We built the cryptocurrency off of ethereum by using the solidity programming language. After creating the functioning cryptocurrency, we created our website to showcase the coin and provide a functional dashboard for users. We built the website with javascript, html, css, and Bootstrap technologies.

Challenges we ran into

Our major challenge in the beginning was in developing our own cryptocurrency. We managed to develop our functional cryptocurrency in 24 hours with no prior experience with cryptocurrencies. We had to go through much testing and debugging to get our code functional. Next, we ran into issues with our domain provider when we attempted to link our github pages site to our domain. We all get to get familiar with new coding languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Created a Cryptocurrency in 24 hours with the potential to make a large impact!
  • CSUCoins is functional and ready for use
  • Professional website to promote CSUCoins ## What we learned We learned how to pace ourselves and adapt to new technologies in a short time. We all had to get familiar with new languages (namely solidity) and refresh on our web development skills. ## What's next for CSUCoin CSUCoin will be implemented on campus at schools to raise awareness of blockchain technology and revolutionize students pay for their goods!

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