We think transparency and security is important in an ever growing digital age. So we decided to create a google chrome extension: The Chrome Security Suite (CSS) - that will provide a user with the tools needed to navigate the web with an extra layer of security with whatever actions they do.

What it does

Our Chrome Security Suite checks to see if a website has an insecure connection with the user, and if it requires password information. Then the extension will give a non-intrusive warning to the user if such is the case. The

How we built it

We used Google Chrome DevTools with Atom to create our project. The Project also uses Google Chrome extension API's along with JavaScript to create the software to provide our clients another layer of security while they surf the web.

Challenges we ran into

Due to our limited exposure to Google Chrome's vast amount of resources, Google Chrome's system level access limitation due to security reasons, and the lack of time, we have had to scrap and change our base idea multiple times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the amount we learned from doing this project. None of us really have any experience about creating Google Chrome Extensions, so we became at a loss of what to use, and how to use them. However with our dedication, we have persevered and wrote a working security suite, which, although not professional nor flexible, can still provide the user with an extra layer of security.

What we learned

We learned how to make Google Chrome Extensions, limitations of Google Chrome and JavaScript, and how to work effectively as a team. We also learned how fun it is to do a hackathon like DubHacks.

What's next for CSS

Next for CSS is to add CSS... We haven't really made a User Interface so the user can customize the cookie dealing settings. We believe the user should be allowed full control over the application they are using for their own benefit. We also plan to make the extension detect whether a user is on a secured network or not so that a hacker may not easily steal the users information. However to do so we will need Google's permission to either use Private API's or to somehow make this an official Google Chrome package for the next software release of Google Chrome (for example).

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