This Hackathon inspired us to build this project. As computer science students we thought it would be great if we could help fellow students access computer science resources like websites and YouTube videos to refer while coding and building projects.


The objective of this project is to help students who like computer science a platform to get resources which can help them in coding and building projects. Graphics,Voice and Text help provide seamless User Experience. We made a chat bot in discord, an Alexa Skill and a website to help students use text, voice to access resources and test their knowledge in computer science.

We have used:

We have used python for the development of the discord bot and the Alexa skill. We have also used HTML, CSS and Javascript for web designing.


We have three main features in our project:

  1. Discord Bot
  2. Alexa Skill
  3. Website


Discord is an instant messaging app that includes text messaging and voice chat. It allows the creation of servers, which can host communities and have thousands of people on them at once.

We wanted to create a Discord Bot that can be added to these servers, that automatically responds to queries relation to computer science.


!help Displays a list of commands

!Python Links the W3Schools Python page

!Python xxx Searches the W3Schools Python page for xxx

!html Links the W3Schools html page

!html xxx Searches the W3Schools html page for xxx

!css Links the W3Schools css page

!css xxx Searches the W3Schools css page for xxx

!js Links the W3Schools Javascript page

!js xxx Searches the W3Schools Javascript page for xxx

!youtube Displays several helpful youtube channels

!search xxx Searches Stack Overflow for xxx

Alexa Skill

Amazon Alexa a Digital Voice Assistant , known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant AI developed by Amazon.

We wanted to connect a device of the future, in the lives of high school students and help them learn more about computer science and access the best resources through voice.

We have used

  1. Alexa Skill Kit: For building the skill interactions
  2. Amazon Web Service(AWS) Lamda: For building Alexa responses using python
  3. The ASK and AWS are connected using ARN and Skill ID

Alexa Computer Science Quiz Skill

You can answer 5 MCQ type questions related to Computer Science. The skill counts your score and tells you the correct answer if you go wrong.


We have built a website that helps the user access the latest CS resources , design and team management tools.

We have used:

  1. HTML for the main development
  2. CSS for style
  3. Javascript for interaction

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