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Imagine a small investment group has invested in some stocks. They believe that communication is key to the success of their stock portfolio. They need a way to optimally determine when to meet. As investors they are busy people and can't always make it to the office for a meeting. Lastly, it is important to celebrate the high times and reflect on the low times.

That is where we come in! We have built a tool for this investment group.

We started with BlackRock API to track the stock prices of the stocks that the group had invested in. When the total amount of money gained or lost changes by a specified amount - that triggers an email to be sent to all members of the investment group using SparkPost with: Either a celebratory message or a message of reflection and two links: One is for a confidential Cisco Spark video meeting (aka not recorded) and the other is a zoom video chat that will be recorded for further analysis. In the meeting they will talk about if they should sell, buy more, stay, and anything else they need to discuss.

After the recorded meeting, Zoom saves it to a specific folder where a trigger will upload the recording to Google Cloud Storage then it will upload to Microsofts Cognitive Services Video Indexer API . From this we will generate meeting minutes, give an emotional analysis of the investors to the head investor in the group, and if the emotions were high and they actually made money a function will be triggered to reserve a table at a fancy 4 dollar sign restaurant using Open Table. If they lost money and spirits were low, the function will reserve an average bar for them to drown their sorrows and reflect on their investments.

Lastly, using the emotional analysis of the investors and a little bit of natural language processing to determine what stocks they were discussing when they were feeling those certain emotions we will input that information in a predictive market equation to calculate a probability of whether others should invest in this stock and for a nice history of what people felt during different time periods on different stocks.

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