The desire to make sure the internet is a safe place inspired us to build the CSIR template. Data breach incidents/ cybersecurity incidents cost the U.S. $8.64 M, the highest in the world, the Middle East is at 2nd position with the cost of $6.52 M, according to the "2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report" courtesy of IBM. The report also mentions that healthcare is the most expensive industry ($7.13 M). The corporations have stopped taking the issue superficially and started taking the bull by its horn but will the investment be enough? According to Accenture Security, ~70% of business leaders agree that the cybersecurity threats are rising globally (NINTH ANNUAL COST OF CYBERCRIME STUDY UNLOCKING THE VALUE OF IMPROVED CYBERSECURITY PROTECTION). It is a universally acclaimed provider of cybersecurity services. They offer cyber defense, applied cybersecurity, & managed cybersecurity. Kelly Bissell is the SMD of Accenture Security. In aviation, cybersecurity incidents have become common. The easy jet cyber incident affected 9 M customers.

The CSIR template aims to provide a collaboration platform to the cybersecurity incident response team of a corporation. The template has 3 main sections. The 1st section is the header section. It contains the title. The 2nd section is an iframe configured to load darksearch.io. For the best viewing experience, the iframe's content width & content height are both set to 100% (auto). The iframe content can be refreshed. Dark search can also be opened in a new window. During the collaboration, a team member can search the dark web to assess the damage as blackhat hackers often release or sell the stolen data there. The template will be helpful during all 6 phases of cybersecurity incident response plan. These phases are, 1. Preparation, 2. Identification, 3. Containment, 4. Eradication, 5. Recovery, & 6. Lessons Learned.

It has been built with great care. The template's JSON file has been verified for integrity with a reputed JSON visualizer. To ensure a pleasant viewing experience, colors that are soft on the eyes have been used except in places where bright colors were necessary to draw attention.

It was a challenge we accepted gladly to develop a template on a feature-rich platform as Jira. The template was built on mgtheboss.atlassian.net. The whiteboards app was used for the development of the template.

We are proud to present a template on cybersecurity incident response. Corporations now have the perfect collaboration platform for cybersecurity incident response. A cybersecurity incident response plan is also a PCI DSS requirement.

Using the whiteboard app on Jira was a great experience. The app has an intuitive user interface. Developing the template was a satisfying experience. The app has a minimap feature that allows viewing a miniaturized version of the template. The feature was very useful in ensuring the consistency of the template items.

CSIR will become a collaboration platform for cybersecurity incident response professionals and continue to grow to ensure the internet is safe for everyone.

Built With

  • cyber-security
  • cyber-security-incident-response
  • jira
  • json
  • whiteboard
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