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CSE Help Lab Queue

A group of a first years, where three fourths of team only having less than a year of experience in c++, went on a journey to broaden their skills and horizons. The team met up at 5 the day of registration, instantly agreeing on an idea. The project will push the team to their edge using different coding languages with extensive object orientated architecture.

The team decided to use angular to create a web based queue system based on making the user experience easy and allow workers to easy pull from the list. The team ran into a lot of problems getting the project started that ended up with a three hour tutorial. From there on, we divided the project individually slowly building the project from ground up. When a member accomplished their goal. They instantly pushed their project to git and the entire team integrated their work into one.

We are highly proud of the product we made with the our backgrounds. There was a lot of struggles, but from dedication and teamwork. The team pulled through, creating a piece of work that we'll cherish for life.

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