CUhackit 19 project. Translate computer science academic documents into early modern English. This project attempts to convert Modern English to Early Modern English ("Shakespearean English"). This project helps people lighten up the mood when they are trying to read academic documents (or any other documents). It accounts for certain key words and phrases and changes them to the equivalent ones in Early Modern English. Additionally, it recognizes programming terms that wouldn't exist when the dialect was spoken.

We utilized a python program to replace these buzzwords while using AWS Polly to read out the converted document. If the text was in a foreign language, we used Amazon Translate to translate it into English first and then perform our conversion. We ran the program on an EC2 instance and stored the resulting mp3 file in S3. We had a VPC because of reasons (followed a tutorial and unnecessarily set up 4 subnets within a VPC).

Our goal that we didn't get to reach was to put the mp3 file on a website. We also wanted to do verb conjugation ("-est" for 2nd person and "-eth" for 3rd person), but alas, Amazon Comprehend does not have that capability yet (and neither do we). Would have loved to have translated more terms, as well.

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