For the CMSC 331: Principles of Programming Languages class at UMBC, our team was tasked with building an advising appointment scheduling system to be used by the UMBC College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. Our project was built primarily in PHP with HTML and CSS. We were originally given code from another group's project which we then had to update to meet the final specifications.

What it does

The new CNMS advising system was designed to replace the previous pen-and-paper system used by the Department for scheduling advising appointments. The website allowed users the easy ability to create, schedule and prepare for advising appointments.

Changes made to original group's code

The original group's code had a large number of error pages that we were able to eliminate. Instead when users made an error, we redirected them back to the original page and displayed an error there. We also implemented a password system, as the code we were given had no passwords. We also made the formatting and the appearance of the website much more aesthetically pleasing, taking inspiration from myUMBC's design.

Technologies used

We used PHP for all of the logic for the website, we avoided using JavaScript as it was out of the scope of the class. No libraries were used as per the specifications of the project. Regular Expressions were used for form validation both on the client with HTML5 forms and on the backend in PHP.

What's next for the advising system

There are still a few more changes that should be made to website before it is used. We weren't very concerned with security when building the application so we would need to make some changes to ensure the website was properly protected against intrusions. Integration with myUMBC's login system would be optimal as well.

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