My inspiration is the handful of Alzheimers patients I've met in my life. Dementia Hack provided the perfect opportunity to help these patients and I took full advantage of it. I imagined patients in a facility with no one around either being injured, or requiring help. This is why I built FootMark.

What it does

FootMark is a facility management software which helps track and communicate with patients within the facility. We use iBeacons to track their location down to a few meters, so we know which room they are in at all times. If they go out of range (ie, out of the building) we know right away.

We implemented fall detection so if they require help, we're the first to know. It's also a two-way communication platform so we can send them information and all they need to do is confirm.

Lastly, we are tracking all of this data. The two main sets are what rooms they're in (and the duration, time, etc) and their daily activity based on a step tracker and time. A good example of putting this to use is cross-referencing their activity data with peak times (such as sundowning) and figuring out behavioural trends.

How I built it

There is a watch app and a web app. The watch is what the patient will use, and simply receive data from the web application and send data such as location, activity, potentials falls, etc.

The web application is built on Laravel with an API to receive watch data and display it to staff.

I used Twilio to also be able to call staff when in need of urgent care, such as potentials falls, patients leaving the facility, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for CS3-FootMark

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