To help facilitate the needs of the caregiver (hereby regarded as the client), we've designed a system by which they will be able to improve the ways in which they monitor those they care for in a more effective, cost-efficient manner.

For our application, we designed it in a number of parts: a bundle of Server applications, an Android Client application, and a set of Arduino Sensors.

_ The Arduino Sensors_ A client would be able to purchase a sensor, which would be pre-built in an easy-to-use package. The client would then tap their mobile device onto the NFC tag that each sensor box would contain, and they would register the sensor and set it up. When the sensor is active, it would take in input and would act on it depending on how the user had previously configured the sensor. We would even be able to use combinations of sensors, such as the Motion Sensor and Door Sensor, to add more context.

_ The Backend _ Our C# backend interprets what actions to take, based on preset contexts, and sends out Push Notifications using the Google-Play Services Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to alert the. After receiving the sensor's state the application backend interprets what kind of message to send to the client.

_ The Android Application _ The Android application is meant to be installed by the client and has a number of different purposes. Firstly, it's used in the configuration of purchased sensors. Secondly, it's used for communication with the server and the GCM to receive Push Notifications and send POST requests.

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