Tech Squad Team

Nikita Koren -, Erik Iglikov - Sergey Pestushko - Hlib Kozeko -

Tech Squad Team consists of 4 developers who are interested in improving Healthcare Service of Canada by helping people who suffer from dementia.

When we were on the event in MaRS, we noticed that there is a problem with a comprehension between Health Care and IT areas. As a result, folks from IT are not sure what exactly they need to build and people from Health Care simply do not know about what developers can create using modern technology. That is why we decided that we want to bring these two areas into a dialog in order to improve Health Care industry in a long-term perspective.

Eventually, we came up with an idea of a web platform where folks from IT and Healthcare areas can closely cooperate for the benefit of a community. Basically, an individual who has a problem can post his or her problem on a website or search for a similar problems and find best practices and solutions to it. Meanwhile, developers can suggest and develop accurate solutions for specific problems. Moreover, community can support to solutions of developers by donations into a fund of specific a solution.

For the DementiaHack we are going implement the prototype for a forum where people can discuss and share their solutions and problems. Obviously, problems and solutions are going to be separated into different topics in order to help users to navigate through the website.

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