We want to be involved in helping the people with dementia and other related problems. We want to make a difference in their life.

What it does

It provides a cloud based, collaborative, multi-platform service to manage and track the daily life plan/activities of dementia patients.

How I built it

We are using Node.js to server side and Angular.js for UI in a hybrid application which can be run on any platform.

Challenges I ran into

Short time, and so much to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have developed a working product with most of the features we planned in a very short time. We have been able to demonstrate real-time communication between client and server side.

What I learned

How to push yourself to achieve great result in a very short time.

What's next for CS2-Fight ASD

We will demo this app to some of our friends and family and based on the feedback we will most likely proceed with launching this service.

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