Dementia Talk acts as a companion in those tough moments and works to empower caregivers to better manage behaviours happening in the room. This app makes it easier to monitor behavioral changes over time, educate caregivers on new behavior management tips, and easily communicate information to other family members and physicians.

Our team met through another hackathon last year and we got along well and supported the same cause.

Waleed Dogar and Lawrence Martin were peers in school together and now both work full time as Software Developers.

Einat Danieli and Dunstan Pushpakumar work at Mount Sinai Hospital as researchers. They research Mental health issues specifically Dementia. Marco is a healthcare consultant and was also a dementia caregiver.

Our team carries a very positive energy and comes from a diverse background. By combining our superpowers, we are here to change the world for the better, one app at a time.

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