Challenge set:

Individuals affected with Dementia: Multisensory and cognitive brain stimulation and training to help keep people alert and perhaps active in the workforce longer


validation - people we talked to, researching the problem for 2 weeks since we met: wanted to see what people actually need, so much fun - enjoyed the whole process - friends. targeting the full spectrum of care physicians: mcmaster patients & caregivers : alzhiemers society in toronto researchers: manitoba, research - studies etc


people with more effort, low impact (due to being affected by the onset of dementia - due mild cognitive impairment early stage dementia

solution: Push notification -> Home screen ->Upload -> Play!


mini games with personalized data Memory Master form new associations, exercise recall and arrangement capacities (short term memory) practice effects - maintain brain function & plasticity

Memory Jig visual-spatial acuity, identification store - what makes app so engaging? our pet will grow with you: the more you play, the more rewards you earn for taking care of your pet food items, clothing etc why its different:

practice effects personalisation emotional connection share

Next steps:

build out more games targeting different cognitive activities partner with health organisations focusing on geriaritics and dementia to pilot test the product Supporting patients with mid-stage dementia show analytics to caregivers + researchers we couldn’t have validated our idea without all the mentors and resources - love to work with them even further!

Kambuka Pet:

Retain your memories, stay alert, feel connected - with your very own personal pet.

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