Our CS teacher, Mr. Dobervich, spends hours grading quizzes and tests. He recently had a baby and needs to spend a lot of time taking care of her. We wanted to make his life easier by developing a computer application to evaluate quizzes in a concise and accurate way.

What it does

Our application takes the handwritten code and converts it to a text file. Then we process the text file into a java file and correct the syntax. Lastly, we collect compile time and run time errors to show the teacher general trends with their students.

How we built it

First, we had the mentality to work for hours at a time without a break. Being able to work for long period's of time enabled us to have all the features we wanted to work. Second, we used external APIs to help power our application. Lastly, we worked together as a team to build the finished product, which maximized our productivity and efficiency.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the image processing API with our application was the biggest challenge because nobody on our team had experience with image processing. We overcame this obstacle by learning the basics of image processing and successfully process an image into a text file/

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Through hard work and dedication, we were able to successfully grade and correct a person's code.

What we learned

We learned it was very difficult to implement an external libraries that are not by default included in the language.

What's next for CS Quiz Grader

We plan to make the quiz grader work for languages other than Java. While AP Computer Science focuses on Java, being able to assess other languages would increase our user base and provide for functionality. In addition, we would like to perfect our image processing such that it would be able to process code written with bad handwriting.

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