While computer science may come naturally to some people, many students still struggle to learn even the basics of an Object Orientated Programming Language. We made an online interactive matching game to help students anywhere learn even the basics and syntax of Java, while also simultaneously competing against each other in real time with teams to help encourage the collaborative nature of computer science.

What it does

Recommended Ways to Play:

Team Play: Players forms teams of 1-3 by themselves. Anywhere from 2-6 teams can compete against each other. Players will create their own in person teams and then join the multiplayer lobby with an original username and the given Game ID. Teams will enter in the Game ID to join the same lobby. The first team is the lobby leader and can start the game at their discretion.

Solo Play: An individual may insert a username and press start to begin the game. The individual is encouraged to challenge him or herself by getting the highest possible score.

Rules: Teams or individuals must spot the computer science term pair between two lists, then click either of the terms. Correct answers award 10 points, while wrong answers make you lose 5 points. Sounds easy, right? While this game may seem simple, its anything but easy. With only 3:00 to race against other people, it's actually very hard. You'll see. Good luck!

Challenges we ran into

Talk about multiplayer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating Multiplayer Lobbies that work on the local network.

What we learned

What's next for CS Match

If the game were to ever become popular enough, we could implement public lobbies, instead of private game lobbies. We could also implement a global solo leader board.

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