Since our team is all Asian and we have experienced our parents losing their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the stories of Asian attacks around the world. Therefore, we wanted to help the Asian community by finding jobs and sharing each other’s experiences on our website.

What it does

Based on your preferred language and location, you can find available jobs nearby.In the Jobs tab, there will be options for each question to choose from. Select which occupation you're applying for, your first and/or second languages (s), and location. When you click the "Find jobs" button, a map of available jobs will appear. The same concept applies for daycares. If you have children or want to take care of children while their parents are busy, there is a babysitter search service. If you want to discuss recent events with the Asian community, you can simply post in the blog. In the blog, you can view others' posts and comment replies. You can also make a post to share the experiences you have faced during the pandemic or resources that can help the Asian community. Our last prominent feature is the donation section where we link to various gofundme accounts.

How we built it

We built it on Qoom with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge was that our team was spread across 2 time zones. Also, two of our team-mates got their 2nd shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, so there were health issues too. Apart from this, none of us had used Qoom before and learning to collaborate on Qoom was a technical challenge. We’ve had difficulties with our coding as well. We couldn’t code a button where the users can like the post, so we changed it to a thumbs-up icon. Also, the map was more complicated than we expected since we have to store a lot of the data to do back-end coding. We opt to embed a Google Maps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of coding the job tab where we have options to drop down and select filters. We also embedded a map to search for jobs easily. In addition, we’re proud of the blog tab because there’s a reply section and a like button for each post. The blog is a way to connect the Asian community together. Overall, we are proud that we were able to learn how to collaborate on Qoom and create a beautiful website to assist the Asian community.

What we learned

We learned about how the statistics behind our website were true, such as how after the pandemic, the rate of Asian attacks had gone up, as well as the rate of jobless families. We also learned how to include a Google Maps API, a coding feature that none of us has ever created before.

What's next for CS LAP

We plan to implement a map with job markers so the filters will locate available jobs in your local area. The blog will be more interactive by having an account system for users to log in and post on the blog. Finally, we will add an Education tab to educate users on the history and statistics about the Asian community.

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