The idea of CRYVER comes from noticing a lack of freelance marketplaces that allow the services of freelancers to be paid with crypto coins, with a way to keep users accountable as well.

What it does

CRYVER solves the issue by creating a checkpoint system where the buyer set milestones that the freelancer must complete in order to earn segments of the promised pay, this way in order for the buyer to get the product they want and the freelancer to get the money they want, they both must continue to fulfill their promises. Aside from accountability, Cryver also provides a way to pay freelancers with crypto without the concern of price volitity by using stablecoins such as TCAD or USDC. This way when a buyer and seller agree on a price, and even if the development time has taken an extended period of time, there would not be much concern for increased or decreased market value of the payment when the job is completed.

How we built it

Was made using React,,HTML, JS, NodeJS, CSS, for webpage design and solidity for crypto-related components.

Challenges we ran into

Naturally, when developing the project we had to use many technologies and concepts that not many of us were accustomed to. As such, some of us struggled with trying to learn how certain things can be done and figuring out what tools can be used to accomplish what we set out to do. Fortunately, we didn't let the situation discourage us and instead used it as a motivation to learn as much as possible about what we didn't know and apply what we learned to our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At first, we were worried that our project would be too ambitious for the time given, as such we were very happy to finish a mvp on time. We are also very proud of the fact that we were able to identify and think of a solution to an issue that is relevant to the cryptography world.

What we learned

For the inexperienced, we learned a whole lot about what cryptography development is and what can be made. For the side that was more experienced learned a lot more about what different development tools can be used to use their knowledge in new different ways.

What's next for Cryver

Next would be fleshing out the webpage side of the project to make it resemble an actual marketplace.

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