For creating a simple infrastructure for user

What it does

As you know that it was my 1year college project. So at that time because of time shortage I created it in a very basic level (console base). It works on these basic steps those are: 1 . User must enter his / her general details such as name, contact number, kno. Number , etc.

  1. User have to choose his / her type of connection
  2. Then he /she has to type their previous and current year reading for further calculations.
  3. Last step is that it prints / summarizes your bill with all details of customer. ## How I built it It was a great challenge for me to built it as you all know that c++ is not that easy language if you have to create anything one should know basics. So, firstly I learned basic. Then I had 2 to 3 months research on how an electricity bill works. After that I build it .
    ## Challenges I ran into As you all know that any software or a program will not run or execute in first go. So when I was making this project I had gone through many problems such as hardware and software but gradually I overcome all of them ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

There were many things which I learned from my project. Firstly my basics on c++ were clear , I came to know how an electricity bill is prepared, and also errors through them I had learned many things.

What's next for crystalchristy

Currently it's working on console base but gradually I will add GUI with it so that it may look more effective to user. Also I will update it with new rules and regulations which is given by government.

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