Manufacturing teams usually work in silos. In a normal manufacturing process, the planner input the production goal while the operation teams run the floor. Equipment engineers need to take equipment down for periodic maintenance but they normally do not work with the operation teams. This creates conflicting priorities and tension for different teams. Crystal insight provides insight for different teams to achieve the full potential of the manufacturing facility.

What it does

Crystal insight utilizes the GE route service API, Work Order Service API and the Material Service API to display crucial information for different teams so they can focus on meeting customers' requests and delivering end products on time. Crystal insight presents the information without clutter so users can focus on their activities to minimize distraction and makes the application easy to use

How I built it

Crystal insight is built using angular4 and node.js/express

Challenges I ran into

GE did a good job documenting each individual API. However, there is not enough information to piece the big picture. For example, the work flow information on how to manage a work order. There is also a lack of information on how to set up a line with assets and materials which makes it a little hard for my project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have played with node.js a little bit but definitely not a season developer in node.js. I managed to learn enough to understand the starter app (node.js/express/polymer) and deploy the app to predix on cloud foundry. There are a lot to learn in a short period of time

What I learned, cloud foundry, node.js express

What's next for Crystal Insight

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