So i was studying cryptography & stenography as hobby . I saw that there are not many resources that teaches crypt & steg from basics to advance level . I know there are CTF's but most of the time CTF's are not for beginners .

What it does

CryptSteg takes teaches the users about crypt & steg from basics to advance level . An level at which a user can demonstrate his skills for practical use OR just solve CTF's ;)

How I built it

I used HTML5, CSS3 , JS , bootstrap , jquery , AJAX , PHP & mysql to built the site .

all the back-end is done in native PHP ( no framework ) and mysql . The front-end is built using jquery and bootstrap .

Challenges I ran into

The first and foremost challenge was to build everything from scratch as i had no experience with PHP frameworks . all code had to be written from scratch while maintaing the security of users and the site .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy to help people learn and acquiring new skills .

What I learned

I learned a lot from this project : from using bootstrap for UI to making a whole back-end in native PHP5 . The project taught me how to optimize database for better response.

What's next for CryptSteg

An classroom : nothing beats an one-to-one interaction between a student and teacher . I will implement an classrom ( google classroom) in near future to achieve that .

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