There are more and more NFTs and we wanted to show that there are many more use cases for NFTs and all that with something fun and a wink.

Since we were dealing with real world problems, we wanted to take a break and do something completely different than always to save the world. ;-)

What it does

The idea was to provide a platform to marry any two Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and invite even more NFTs to the wedding as guests (For now only KryptoKitties are supported). To celebrate the wedding, all NFTs are loaded into a wedding scene and rendered as a animation and can be saved as a PNG. Both NFTs receive a marriage certificate in the form of an additional NFT. The original plan was to make the NFT itself own the certificate by using the EIP998 standard (An extension of the ERC721 standard to enable ERC721 tokens to own other ERC721 tokens and ERC20 tokens.) This ist not implemented yet and the certificate is owned by the owner of the NFTs for now.

How we built it

We build a SmartContract system that arranges Weddings between two NFTs and their guests. It also creates wedding certificates as NFTs. We created a Website which acts as a frontend to the SmartContract system We used EIP721 to fetch NFTs (for now only KryptoKitties). We created a nice wedding scene which is animated, supports different themes and can be saved an image.

Challenges we ran into

EIP998 standard is cool but needs more work. Never use Typescript at a hackathon again. Light.js is also cool but rx.js is hard xD NFT can have a License. Not sure if CryptoWeddings is compliant with it. (

Accomplishments that we're proud of

there are different Rooms there are different Mentors there are different Music works on mobile

What we learned

See Challenges

React, lightjs, web3js EIP721 EIP998

What's next for CryptoWedding

We wanna support more NFTs and make it more robust. Wedding certificates should be based on the EIP998 standard and owned by the NFT itself. Add more features and animations to the wedding scene.

other NFTs

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