Over a period of a month, we have seen 2 major hurricanes, Harvey & Irma causing major destruction in the community. This also led to a spike in the prices of basic commodities in affected parts of the country. With this in mind, we are proposing a fair platform for selling and buying agricultural goods.

What it does

It strives to solve two major problems:

  1. Removing human interference in terms of monopolizing the food market and causing unnecessary inflation.
  2. Distributing the burden of price inflation in affected areas across the country in case of natural disasters. ## How we built it We have built our product with following technologies. Our front-end part provides a platform for buying and selling of goods. Also, buyer and farmers can register themselves and their products. Our algorithm calculates the average price for a product by taking into account selling prices of the same product from different farmers across the country. The payments are handled with block-chain technology.

Block Chain technology: MultiChain open platform for block-chaining, lisk Backend: Java, Springboot framework, glassfish server, RESTFul API, json, maven Front-end: Node.js, react.js, javascript Smart Integration: Amazon Alexa (echo dot), AWS lambda

Challenges we ran into

Visualizing the complete system and modeling the architecture Researching about block-chaining and available platforms Interconnectivity between different modules Securely carrying out payments

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Gained knowledge on block-chain technology and crypto currency Though it was difficult, we managed to design a complete system - Implemented a light version of it

What we learned

Learnt Alexa skill development and deployment Integration and communication between various frameworks Team spirit, division of work

What's next for Cryptoville

Exploring possibilities for launching this in a real environment

Built With

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