Seeing discussion about the reliability of cryptocurrency subreddits, and the recent looming threats of Pump and Dump Altcoins fueled by subreddits like r/DogeCoin made me wonder if there was a way to algorithmically and mathematically define the reliability of subreddits.

What it does

CryptoSubs graphs the reliability over time of Cryptocurrency subreddits based on multiplying the sentiment analysis score of top posts with the price change from open to close that day.

For example, if the overall sentiment for the subreddit that day was negative, and the stock crashed, it would multiply out into a positive reliability value, as the sub was correct.

How we built it

All the code is written in Python. Streamlit was used to output a usable web app interface with toggleable options and a UI.

Challenges we ran into

  • the Yahoo Finance API was depreciated, so I ended up using AlphaVantage's API instead
  • post titles alone often had very little actual analyzable content, with many neutral scores on meme titles, so the final code also includes the top-level comments on each post as data
  • the above fix also helped to identify when sarcasm was being used in titles, something sentiment analysis can't handle on its own

What we learned

  • Streamlit implementation
  • Performing NLTK sentiment analysis, and customizing it
  • Using specific APIs to find data (Reddit, AlphaVantage)

What's next for CryptoSubs

  • Adding more cryptocurrency subreddits, along with their corresponding Altcoins, to subdict
  • Broadening analysis to stock subs in general (e.g. AMC and GME)
  • Improving sentiment analysis by adding more stock specific words

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