The synergy between Loic and Kirill. Loic is a real estate broker in Las Vegas solving the problem of financing foreign investors. Kirill is a developer in Russia and ready to develop the solutions.

What it does

Finance real estate in the USA tokenizing mortgage

How we built it

We created and deployed a smart contract for tokenization of the mortgage. We created a UI for adding new properties to the smart contract. We added the possibility to buy a token for each mortgage to the smart contract. We created a UI for a store of tokens. We created a customer page to view all clients in one place and to make monthly payments.

Challenges we ran into

Implement the business model in the smart contract. To create an easy and convenient user experience for non crypto savy foreignors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create and securitize tokens as anticipated to as many investors/properties as we wanted.

What we learned

A stablecoin is necessary for real estate financing business, real estate investors profiles are conservative.

What's next for CryptoREFI

Cryptorefi will complete the development of the DAPPS. Need to decide where to register the business (Delaware,usa ; Malta or Switzerland). Test the process with my own clientele in Las Vegas. Work with a token issuance and exchange platform. Start a marketing campaign Then go public.

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