An app to reward children for doing good things. When the child does a good thing, he/she will be awarded with some MicoBank Coins ( A Solana Token ) form the parent. Then the child will be able to spend his tokens on something he wants from the store. And he will also be able to create his own NFT and Sell it to make Profit. If he has a favourite character.actor, collect all of their NFTs and store them in your wallet! Spend no more time in playing games! This is a project that is gonna really revolutionise the way how kids work at home.

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The idea

Reward children when they do their chores with Micobank Coins ( Solana Token ) They can then spend their coins on things they want, from the store that is created by the parent.

The process

The child first does hir chore. then opens the app and informs that the chore is completed.The parent gets a notification to approve it and then the the parent gets a notification to approve the transaction. Once approved the child gets Micobank Coins deposited to his/her wallet.


Nowadays, kids spend most of their time playing games. But that does not give them anything good. So with MicoBank, you can now go ahead and create your own NFTs and sell them in the Opensea Solana NFT Marketplace. The child can create an NFT from the art that they create and mint it. Other children can purchase the NFTs with their MicoBank coins. The child who created the NFT then gets the value paid by the buyer credited onto his account Source Code

About Me

I am Naseel, a 14 year old full stack web developer and I am very good in technologies like React.js, Typescript, Node.js ... etc. I've been programming since I was 12.

I have a youtube channel name TechHarvesting with Naseel where I do tutorials about Web Development and Programming. Recently I have been interested in learning about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. I also spend my time creating projects that use these technologies

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