I was staring into a reflection of my T-shirt with "Oklahoma" on it; the reflection read "Amohalka."

What it does

Interface to enter, import , or export text. Encryptor button- Takes any phrase and will encrypt the String to be un-readable Decryptor button- Takes a previously encrypted String and will convert it back to be readable

How we built it

Built in Java from scratch Bryant worked on functionality Yihao worked on the interface Yan worked on app implementation

Challenges we ran into

A few bugs dealing with differences between programming languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our encryption design is of our own making; no outside methods were implemented.

What we learned

Bryant learned how to design an interface Yihao learned how to encode and decode a phrase Yan learned how develop an app on Android

The most important thing we all learned was teamwork within a programming project. We usually work on projects individually.

Interesting fact

After some number crunching, we calculated 210 encryption returns the original phrase.

What's next for Cryptor

Convert the app from Android to iOS Add more methods for deeper encrypting.

Built With

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