Did you know that 1 in 3 people who invest in cryptocurrency don’t even know how it works? That was new information to us when we decided to do research to support the needs of cryptocurrency investors. Our team aspires to make the investment process easier, more efficient, and provide a learning platform for newcomers.

Through research efforts on our fellow hackers, we found out that the majority of our participants had little knowledge surrounding cryptocurrency, and those who did found it difficult to find the time to monitor their investments. This is where CryptoPal comes in for all your tracking and research needs.

What it does

CryptoPal is an application that keeps track of ever changing crypto prices in real-time and provides you with the information you need in a simplistic manner. With email notifications allowing for targeted price alerts to be set, you are able to monitor prices without having to worry about constantly sitting at a computer to watch charts. In addition to this, it integrates reliable and helpful information to help enhance the learning experience for those who have a limited cryptocurrency background.

How we built it

Our front end was handled using the PySimpleGUI Python package. One challenge we experienced was that none of our group members were well versed in front end development, so using this GUI was quite the task. After reading its documentation we were able to implement a window that would allow us to choose a coin, a certain type period, as well as the data type, and then generate a graph corresponding to the previous choices. We were then able to use smtplib module to send the current price of the coin to the email the user inputted.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge in developing our prototype application was getting our hands on the database containing information of various cryptocurrencies. With a little digging with Google, we were able to use Messari’s API. The documentation provided allowed us to generate data specific to a certain cryptocurrency and timeframe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to figure out the API system despite never having worked with API's before. We were able to implement numerous aspects into our final design such as drop down menus, generation of graphs, email notifications, and the accurate display of the crypto price at that given moment. Safe to say we're proud of our design!

What we learned

We learned a lot of new things about API systems and how they are used for virtually everything. We learned how to run our information via the API, how to put in drop-down windows with "tickers", generating an output of an email recipient, and implementing the generation of the crypto graph corresponding to the certain coin that was chosen. Our team learned a lot with support from one another.

What's next for CryptoPal

In the future, we are looking to partner with platforms like WealthSimple to provide an in-app notification system that would allow for buying and selling at real time prices, and provide an easier to use platform for those who trade mobile. We would also like to develop a Chrome extension for individuals that enjoy trading on their desktop, to accomodate for both parties. More resources surrounding trading tips for beginners that discuss predicting market trends and using risk analysis can also be implemented into the system.

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