CryptoPlace is a public canvas built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users interact with the canvas by purchasing and coloring pixels. We envision a world where users collaborate and compete in this 256 * 256 pixel canvas to create art, advertise, or simply just have fun.

CryptoPlace is inspired by Reddit's 2017 /r/place April Fools experiment. Reddit hosted a public canvas and allowed each Reddit account to paint a single pixel on the canvas every x seconds. Soon enough, a cult following formed around /r/place with groups of users creating art they identified with in a section of the canvas. There was obviously also vandalism and competition, which increased engagement of the product.

CryptoPlace improves upon /r/place using the transparency, permanence, and accessibility of the blockchain. Anybody with ether can participate. The financial investment and scarcity of the 256 * 256 sized canvas adds another layer of depth to the already fascinating product of an open and public canvas.

Features of CryptoPlace include:

  • Canvas can zoom in/zoom out
  • Users can purchase and colour a pixel by sending a transaction to the dApp through Metamask
  • Canvas subscribes to events from the dApp and updates whenever a new pixel is painted
  • Scripts to paint images onto the canvas - painted the WCEF logo, Nick Szabo, Megaman, Loopring logo, and the Propy logo
  • Event ticker to display recently painted pixels to add a more dynamic and lively feel to the application

An emphasis was put on a great UI and UX.

We are very excited for this project and have many ideas we would like to explore - new game mechanics, new economic models. We believe the Ethereum blockchain is a perfect medium for Reddit's /r/place experiment.

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