Trying to save up for that trip to Europe, but the new iPhone is released? Trying to pay your student loans, but that new laptop is on sale? Sometimes, we all need someone to make sure we don't get tempted to spend all our hard-earned savings before we reach our goals. But who can we trust? With CryptoPiggies, we harness the power and innovation of decentralized smart contracts to assist us in staving off the temptation of our consumerist world.

What it does

It's just like any other piggy bank, except no one can steal it, and it won't let you withdraw until you have reached your goals.

How we built it

We used Solidity to code our smart contract, and connected it to a easy to use and intuitive UI with web3.js

Challenges we ran into

We initially wanted to build our front-end using the Vue.js framework, but ran into difficulties making it work with web3.js, so we ended up having to use vanilla HTML and CSS (just like the good ol' days).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how far we have come since the last time we attended a blockchain hackathon. We taught ourselves every technology used to build CryptoPiggies, from solidity, to HTML and JavaScript.

What we learned

We learned about tokens, DAI, and how to actually build a DApp from scratch to deployment! We got a general idea of the power of smart contracts, and by extension, blockchain, outside the field of cryptocurrency. We are very excited to further build upon and use this decentralized technology to build even more innovative and creative apps.

What's next for CryptoPiggies

Fully incorporating the use of Totle's endpoints and stable coins to make savings in CryptoPiggies less volatile.

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