After the downfall of the price of a lot of cryptocurrencies and the widespread adoption of them, we decided to make a web app that focuses on educating people on the non-monetary aspects of cryptocurrencies.

What it does

The website has multiple facets that can help consumers learn more about the growing cryptospace. It summarizes overly complex whitepapers from coins to a few sentences using NLP. It also selects the key words and shows them. Secondly, it has a variety of curated articles that explain, discuss, and hypothesize the future of cryptocurrencies in the resources section.

How we built it

Built with NodeJs backend, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. It uses the Aylien NLP API to help process the whitepapers and find key sentences and key words.

Challenges we ran into

Promises in async javascript APIs, and working without a database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to make web apps and working hard on the project.

What we learned

Web sites are fun.

What's next for Cryptopedia

Expansion to more resources for users to learn about cryptocurrencies. (Links, diagrams, tutorials, etc.)

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