Cryptomon is a chat-based game run on and blockchain backend. The player’s goal is to accumulate as much cryptocurrency as they can by starting an encounter with the $mine command and attempting to “catch” the crypto with $validate. Using $validate will deplete your graphics card currency. But you can profit if you successfully catch the cryptocurrency and sell it using the $sell command.


After attending the workshops by Bartrr, Re:Three was inspired to gamify cryptocurrency to introduce people who are new to cryptocurrency. While we ourselves did not understand cryptocurrency that much, through the workshops we were able to achieve a greater understanding, and we hope to share what we have learned over the weekend to people who were just like us and new to cryptocurrency through Cryptomon!

What’s Next

We hope to add additional functionality to our bot, which would make the game more fun. One function we hope to add is to have a user profile system which allows each discord user to have unique wallets, instead of a server-wide wallet which anyone can access. Another function we hope to add is to have a global market system, which allows users to sell their cryptocurrency at the price that they think is right, and other users can buy it. Lastly, we want to implement a trading system to trade cryptocurrency throughout users, allowing users to better increase their wallet.

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