Providing secure communications over proprietary chat apps in a way that is seamless for the end user and gives them full control over their security without having to trust a third party.

What it does

Provides a seamless PGP encryption over facebook chat.

How we built it

It is a Chrome extension that uses openpgp.js and jquery to edit messages available in active facebook chats to decrypt encrypted messages in real time and provide an easy way of encrypting them in the same page.

Challenges we ran into

Facebook source is a nightmare to navigate. Minimal knowledge of webdev and javascript when starting the project. Caching issues in Chrome caused literally hours of painful and useless debugging.

What we learned

Javascript was a mistake.

What's next for Cryptom

Easy to set up encryption on a chat by chat basis. Encrypting messages directly from the facebook text box rather than the extension button.

Built With

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