Cryptocurrency is the next big thing. The issue with having this decentralized form of currency is there is a wide variety of wallets that are available for investors to store their currency in. We put ourselves to the task of creating a platform to easily displays and manages information from multiple wallets.

What it does

The application would provide users with a general overview of the market price of different forms of cryptocurrency of their choosing, a summary of total coins, and information on each individual portfolio.

How I built it

We initially began creating it using Android Studio, but migrated to creating the design and pitching the idea due to its technical complexity.

Challenges I ran into

Puling data from cryptocurrency wallets , learning to work with new technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app design and being able to collaborate well as a team.

What I learned

The importance of analyzing individual skills to find a feasible solution that can be implemented within the tight time frame.

What's next for CryptoLync

Phase II is to implement the design and create an interactive model.

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