I'm a huge fan of cryptology as it's what got me into the field of computer science. I decided I wanted to research it more, and have written about it briefly in the past. For this project, however, I really dove into its origins and all the meaty details as to how it got to where it is today

This is simply a catch-all website devoted to the history of the field. It covers everything from the ancient ciphers of Greece and Rome to modern-day encryption

I used Notepad++ to create the HTML and CSS files for the project

Honestly the biggest challenge was relearning the HTML and CSS. It's been almost four years since I built a website so learning it all again in 24 hours was really hard.

I'm proud that I got so much research done. It was a ton of work and I really am happy with how it turned out. I think it looks really nice.

I learned a lot about CSS especially. Even though I didn't use much more than the basics in this website so far I got through most of the w3 school's css class. When I build more websites in the future I hope to use that knowledge to make them even fancier

I'm going to learn javascript so I can create a sister website that features decoders for famous ciphers such as the Caesar and Alberti ciphers.

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