A love of music and randomness and, of course, cryptokitties.

Interest and understanding of music is a fundamental part of being human. No other beings, that we know of, share our understanding of it. It's value is tangible and linked to the inner workings of human consciousness, as far as history shows. Humans have clustered around it and musical currents have always been in the sidelines of revolutions and paradigm shifts. What better medium to showcase relative value.

What it does

A SYN is a non-fungible token with 74 bytes of metadata, at the time of this writing. The metadata initially based on the inherent entropy in the blockchain, provides the basis of a simple sound loop. Two SYNs can combine and give birth to a new one.

Gen0 SYNs are minted automatically every block. You can find some you like, buy them for a small fee and combine them to get something more. You are the curator. By creating this economy we will be able to see how genres may emerge, and analyse the tree that gave birth to a loop.

Currently remixing is done in our contract but we intend to abstract that to a separate contract and publish the spec. Then allow anybody to specify a remixer contract address when initiating a remix, it will need to only turn two 76 byte arrays into a 3rd.

How we built it

Using EIP721, an abstraction on top of tone.js for generating the music, and a lot of hard work.

Challenges we ran into

Generating music that at least sorta of makes sense and optimising the contract calls that remixes two SYNs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Generating music that at least sorta of makes sense :)

What's next for Synestic

Some polish, the auction component and the moon.

Built With

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